xProDDNS 2014 Release 1
Native Cross-Platform Professional Dynamic DNS Client
xProDDNS for Windows
xProDDNS for OS X
xProDDNS for Linux

Scripts (run with root-level privileges using sudo)
Remove xProDDNS for OS X (sudo Remove\ xProDDNS\ for\ OS\
Remove xProDDNS for Linux (sudo Remove\ xProDDNS\ for\

vmCLIpboard 2014 Release 2
GUI to CLI Automation for VMware
vmCLIpboard for Windows
vmCLIpboard for OS X
vmCLIpboard for Linux

vmProcessStrobe 2014 Release 2
VM Process Control for VMware
vmProcessStrobe for Windows
vmProcessStrobe for OS X
vmProcessStrobe for Linux

vmProcessStrobeWeb 2014 Release 2
Mobile Remote VM Process Control for VMware
vmProcessStrobeWeb CGI for Linux
vmProcessStrobeWeb CGI for Windows
vmProcessStrobeWeb CGI for OS X
vmProcessStrobeWeb Stand Alone for Linux
vmProcessStrobeWeb Stand Alone for Windows
vmProcessStrobeWeb Stand Alone for OS X


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