vmCLIpboard 2011 Release 1.1 – Personal Edition

This minor update adds further refinement to vmCLIpboard, especially in terms of accessibility.

vmCLIpboard 2011 Release 1 – Personal Edition

The Personal Edition of vmCLIpboard 2011 Release 1 has emerged from beta after extensive development and testing with current and recent versions of Windows, Mac OS X, and a few Linux distributions. We will post details, screenshots, and a few tutorial videos soon. So check back for those updates and enjoy the first, and free, Personal Edition of vmCLIpboard!

vmCLIpboard – Beta 2

Our second beta of vmCLIpboard is ready for downloading and testing. It’s the free Personal Edition!

vmCLIpboard now supports the VMware Virtual Disk Development Kit. VMware’s VDDK (Virtual Disk Development Kit) enables the creation, defragmenting, shrinking, converting, expanding, repairing, etc. of VMware virtual disks.

VMware’s VIX API has been supported by vmCLIpboard since our first beta release. It enables control of VMs (Virtual Machines) and the applications/processes inside of VMs. Starting and stopping applications and services/daemons inside of VMs, copying those files to and from VMs, taking snapshots of VMs, starting, rebooting, and stopping VMs, etc. are all possible thanks to VMware’s VIX API.

vmCLIpboard is a friendly control panel for VMware’s VIX API and VDDK so you don’t have to deal with the complicated syntax of each CLI (Command Line Interface). That’s especially true for remote VMs on any of the VMware server platforms like ESXi. Running the commands you build and keeping track of them is easy with vmCLIpboard. Regardless of your operating system preference, vmCLIpboard is there to help on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Give it a try!