vmProcessStrobe 2012 Release 1 – Personal Edition

Our first release of vmProcessStrobe is now available! If you you are interested in easily seeing what is running in any of your VMware virtual machines then you will find this tool very useful. The Personal Edition is free, so enjoy!

vmCLIpboard 2011 Release 1.2 – Personal Edition

Our first minor update to vmCLIpboard in 2012 improves resource utilization on both ends of the spectrum. For laptops and desktops with slow processors and little memory, vmCLIpboard uses as few processing cycles and as little memory as possible. For workstations and servers with lots of processing power and plenty of memory, vmCLIpboard will take advantage of those resources to maximize performance.

The latter improvement is in preparation for the Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition of vmCLIpboard, both of which will handle parallel processing of CLI (Command Line Interface) commands using a separate thread for each VMware host. Hosts can be remote, such as VMware ESXi and VMware Server, or local, such as VMware Workstation and VMware Fusion. By managing parallel processes using separate threads, CLI commands can be executed simultaneously across hundreds of servers. The only significant limitation is the processing power of the workstation, or server, where vmCLIpboard is run. For those VMware administrators that want to minimize the elapsed time required to execute CLI commands across many, or all, of their servers, the Professional and Enterprise Editions of vmCLIpboard will prove to be valuable tools.