vmProcessStrobeWeb 2012 Release 1

We are proud to announce our third cross-platform software product for the VMware market, vmProcessStrobeWeb 2012 Release 1. With it, smartphones and tablets become powerful tools for managing VMware virtual machines and their programs, services and daemons. Remotely launching programs across a group of servers, stopping and starting virtual machines, restarting a frozen application, etc. can be done with ease from any smartphone or tablet.

vmProcessStrobeWeb ProcessWe have taken all the functionality in vmProcessStrobe and duplicated it in a powerful web application. For the benefit of multiple users, we have added the ability to manage profiles that can be shared by teams or assigned to individual users. A profile keeps track of the preferred hosts, virtual machines and all the connection credentials. Security is of the utmost importance for anything exposed to the Internet so a login passphrase of up to sixty-four characters is used versus a traditional short password. That login passphrase is stored as a salted SHA-512 HMAC (Hash-based Message Authentication Code), which makes it extremely difficult to crack. To further deter unwanted guests, each failed login passphrase attempt is penalized with a one minute delay until another attempt is permitted from the same IP address. All data used by vmProcessStrobeWeb is stored in an encrypted local database with no direct connection to the Internet. We made every effort to guard against unauthorized access while isolating and protecting all data.

Like all of our software products, vmProcessStrobe runs natively on Linux, Windows and OS X so you are not limited to just one of the popular operating systems. You also have flexibility when configuring this web application. It can be run under Apache or IIS (Internet Information Services) in CGI (Common Gateway Interface) mode or run completely stand alone, thanks to a built-in web server. Depending on your needs, vmProcessStrobeWeb can be integrated with an existing enterprise class web server or run as an independent stand-alone web server on a spare desktop computer.

This is our first official release so expect much more to come as we evolve vmProcessStrobeWeb based on our lengthy feature wish-list and all of your requests.

As always, there is a free version that has many capabilities so you can try before you buy. If the free version has everything you need, continue to use it as long as you like. For professionals that want more capabilities, there is a licensed version available for Linux, Windows, OS X and a discounted combination of all three.

Enjoy! We look forward to your feedback.

vmProcessStrobe 2012 Release 3

vmProcessStrobe 2012 Release 3 can now run and stop programs in virtual machines across any number of VMware servers simultaneously using the same refined thread management system in vmCLIpboard 2012 Release 2. That same system is used in vmProcessStrobe 2012 Release 3 to start and stop virtual machines in parallel across many VMware servers.

In addition to the new features, a few bug fixes and many refinements, this release carries some of the code common to the upcoming release of vmProcessStrobeWeb. Get those smartphones and tablets ready to manage the processes in your virtual machines and the virtual machines themselves!

vmCLIpboard 2012 Release 2

vmCLIpboard 2012 Release 2 has improved thread management for simultaneously executing VMware CLI (Command Line Interface) commands with greater efficiency across a large number of VMware servers. The ability to cancel any batch of commands, whether running sequentially or simultaneously, is now available. Many refinements and a few bug fixes are also included in this release.