vmProcessStrobe/vmProcessStrobeWeb 2013 Release 1

vmProcessStrobe 2013 Release 1
vmProcessStrobe 2013 Release 1 and vmProcessStrobeWeb 2013 Release 1 continue to be refined with each new release. We have increased their stability on each operating system platform and improved performance while reducing the utilization of system resources. Both products have even easier to understand dialogs and vmProcessStrobe 2013 Release 1 has a simplified toolbar in an effort to make each product easier to learn for new users.

vmCLIpboard 2013 Release 1

vmCLIpboard 2013 Release 1
vmCLIpboard 2013 Release 1 has a simplified toolbar to ease the learning curve for new users, an extended menu system that allows for better management of your built commands and execution activity, and improved support for the VMware CLIs (Command Line Interfaces). In addition to the visible improvements, we have continued to refine vmCLIpboard. Our effort to increase stability across each operating system platform, maximize performance and minimize system resource utilization continues with each new release.