xProDDNS 2014 Release 3

xProDDNS 2014 Release 3 introduces two exciting new features for server administrators and remote users with dynamic public IP addresses and/or hosts at No-IP, Dyn, OpenDNS and DNS-O-Matic.

  • Mobile Web User Interface for Smartphones
  • Email and Text Message Alerts when New Version of xProDDNS is Available

Smartphones are now automatically shown a mobile web user interface tailored to their small screen sizes and potentially limited data bandwidth. Tablets, laptops and desktops are shown a full web user interface. Hashtags can now be used to control which web user interface is shown, regardless of the device being used to access xProDDNS.

Server administrators and remote users can now be notified via email and text messages when a new version of xProDDNS is available to download.

Many refinements and two bug fixes are included in this new release.

Visit our Downloads page for the latest version of xProDDNS for Windows, OS X and Linux.