xProDDNS 2016 Release 1.1

“The Professional Dynamic DNS Client”

  • Native cross-platform
  • Mobile and full web user interfaces
  • Encrypted databases
  • Hashed passphrase with obfuscated salt
  • Multiple providers, accounts, hosts and NICs
  • Secure checks, updates and notifications
  • Realtime email and text message alerts
  • Dynamic detailed log display
  • CSV and XML data exports
  • Context-sensitive help

What’s new:

  • Refinements for Raspbian on the Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi 3
  • LSB-compliant init scripts for all Ubuntu and Debian based Linux distributions
  • SHA-2 / SHA-1 smart double-signing support for Windows 10 and backward compatibility through Windows Vista

Some additional cross-platform refinements and improvements along with a few bug fixes comprise the positive changes in xProDDNS 2016 Release 1.1 for Windows, OS X and Linux.

Note that for Linux there are now three packages, one for 64-bit, one for 32-bit and one specifically for Raspbian on the Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi 3. Raspbian Jessie is the preferred version for the best stability, compatibility and performance.

Visit our Downloads page for the latest versions of xProDDNS, vmCLIpboard, vmProcessStrobe and vmProcessStrobeWeb.