Automation Suite 2014 Release 3.1 for VMware

Automation Suite for VMware has been updated to address a major flaw in SSLv3 (secure sockets layer version 3), a cryptographic protocol used for secure Internet connections.

  • Exclusive Use of TLS to address the SSLv3 POODLE Vulnerability

TLS (transport layer security) is now used exclusively for all secure Internet connections. This strict change of cryptographic protocols is in response to the recently discovered POODLE vulnerability in SSLv3.

Visit our Downloads page for the latest versions of vmCLIpboard, vmProcessStrobe and vmProcessStrobeWeb for Windows, OS X and Linux.

POODLE Vulnerability in SSLv3

If you have not already read about the POODLE vulnerability in SSLv3 (secure sockets layer version 3), visit the Google Online Security Blog for the details.

xProDDNS, vmCLIpboard, vmProcessStrobe and vmProcessStrobeWeb are negatively impacted by this cryptographic protocol flaw so we are working hard to release new versions that do not rely on SSL. We will use TLS (transport layer security) exclusively for all secure Internet connections.

Please check back here or our Downloads page for the updates!

Automation Suite 2014 Release 3 for VMware

We have updated our Automation Suite for VMware with support for VMware Fusion 7, the upcoming VMware Workstation 11 and the soon to be released Apple OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Security has been improved with better obfuscation, encryption and salted hashing of sensitive data. Some of the algorithms in vmCLIpboard, vmProcessStrobe and vmProcessStrobeWeb have been refactored to increase performance and decrease resource utilization. Finally, vmProcessStrobeWeb has been repackaged for incredibly easy installation and local launching on Windows, OS X and Linux.

Visit our Downloads page to get the latest versions of our products for VMware.

VMware and OpenSSL Heartbleed Security Bug

HeartbleedVMware is releasing product updates and patches to address the OpenSSL Heartbleed security bug. Visit VMware Security Advisories for the latest information on which VMware products are vulnerable and the update or patch needed to address the OpenSSL Heartbleed security bug.

Here are some relevant links:
VMware vCenter Server 5.5 Update 1a
VMware ESXi 5.5 Update 1 Patch ESXi550-201404001
VMware Open Virtualization Format Tool 3.5.1
VMware Workstation 10.0.2
VMware Fusion 6.0.3
VMware Player 6.0.2

Automation Suite 2014 Release 2 for VMware

vmCLIpboard, vmProcessStrobe and vmProcessStrobeWeb limit scanning for virtual machines to the default folders used by VMware Workstation and Fusion. Host, encryption and guest passwords are quoted to eliminate VMware command line interface parsing errors. A few other refinements have been included that improve security and performance.

Automation Suite 2014 Release 1 for VMware

We are excited to announce the latest releases of vmCLIpboard, vmProcessStrobe and vmProcessStrobeWeb.

They now support multiple monitors so the location, position and dimensions of each window will be retained between each run. If the arrangement or resolution of the monitors changes between runs, previously opened windows will be intelligently placed so that they are fully viewable. Otherwise they will appear precisely where they were in the previous run.

Code signing has been applied to the Windows installers and executables. Code signing for OS X was implemented previously to appease Gatekeeper in Mavericks. With this extra layer of security in place, Windows and OS X will be able to determine if there was any tampering and our users will be able to see that their applications are authentic.

Quite a few refinements have been implemented, especially in regard to error trapping. A few minor bugs exposed in Windows 8.1 and OS X Mavericks have also been addressed.

Thank you for your continued support.

Automation Suite 2013 Release 5 for VMware

Support for VMware vCenter 5.5 and ESXi 5.5 and the updated VMware VIX and Virtual Disk Development Kit APIs in VMware Workstation 10 and Fusion 6 has been added to vmCLIpboard, vmProcessStobe and vmProcessStrobeWeb. With support recently added for Windows 8.1, OS X 10.9 Mavericks and Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander, VMware administrators and power users can now easily manage their hosts and virtual machines on VMware’s newest products using the latest operating systems.

VMware ESXi 5.5

VMware Logo
With the release of VMware ESXi 5.5 comes support for new APIs, some of which are also available in VMware Workstation 10 and VMware Fusion 6. Documentation for all the new APIs is now available so we are busy adding support for their new features.

An updated Automation Suite for VMware with enhanced virtualization features and support for VMware ESXi 5.5 will be released soon!

Automation Suite 2013 Release 4 for VMware

Support for VMware Workstation 10, VMware Fusion 6, Windows 8.1, OS X 10.9 Mavericks and Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander has been added to vmCLIpboard, vmProcessStrobe and vmProcessStrobeWeb. There are also refinements throughout and a few bug fixes.

Enjoy all the great new platforms!

VMware Workstation 10 and VMware Fusion 6

VMware Fusion VMware Workstation
With the releases of VMware Workstation 10 and VMware Fusion 6 come updated VMware VIX and VMware Virtual Disk Development Kit APIs. We are eager to update our Automation Suite for VMware with support for the new APIs but must wait until VMware publishes updated documentation.

Stay tuned for new virtualization features in the coming weeks . . .