Their knowledge, expertise, dedication, and creativity were essential in our transition from the legacy billing system to the new, target system. As part of their support, they quickly designed and built a custom application that was critical to the success of our data migration process. They made time to respond to all of our questions, provided quick access to information, and helped us with our design by providing essential background information.

Their efforts really made a difference — and were a key part of our success.

Lisa Millholland
Corporate Systems

● ● ● ● ●

I would like to take a moment and provide a well deserved “Thank You” for all that you and your firm have done for us in support of our ERP system over the last eight plus years.

When I arrived as the site Controller, one of the first questions I asked the management team was what ERP system was installed and who was supporting it. I received very favorable feedback on how F.W.Roller & Associates had managed the original ERP system installation, customization, training and on-going support for it.

Over the last almost four years, I have asked much of you and your staff, creating interfaces, assistance in helping adapt our ERP system through two acquisitions, numerous requests for new reports and support issues as they arose. F.W.Roller & Associates has always been available to assist us when needed. When we declared something critical, your responsiveness was outstanding.

I would highly recommend your firm to any company that is seeking your services in the installation and support of an ERP system.

All my best to you and the F.W.Roller & Associates team.


Rich LeNoir
U.S. Controller – Senior Manager Finance
Infrastructure/Networking & Americas Sales
Harris Broadcast Communications Division

● ● ● ● ●

In my capacity as Controller of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, I have worked with F.W.Roller & Associates for 10 years. They have provided invaluable assistance in projects such as transitioning our accounting systems and implementing enhanced security over our accounting system. They have also provided custom applications that have streamlined our billing and receivable processes, resulting in accelerated processes and a reduction in errors. The applications they wrote were user-friendly by all levels of staff and required minimal training prior to implementation. In addition to their technical expertise, which I found to impressive, was a responsiveness to our requests and an availability unmatched by other consultants. I found them to be very committed to the projects on which we partnered and to be individuals of the utmost integrity. I would not hesitate to engage F.W.Roller & Associates again for any of my technical needs.

Thomas J Kelly
Vice President & Controller
Philadelphia Stock Exchange

● ● ● ● ●

F.W.Roller & Associates has played a major roll in helping us maintain 100% uptime over the past decade. I find their expertise, professionalism and unmatched responsiveness to both software and hardware issues very impressive.

From their extensive and thorough support with our ERP system, creating custom applications and assistance with hardware upgrades and recommendations, F.W.Roller & Associates has come through every time. An exceptional company I can truly count on.

Rick Roberts
IT Manager
Westlake Plastics Company

● ● ● ● ●

As a Systems Administrator I rarely use the applications that I am responsible for. This can create a disadvantage when there is an issue. Dealing with F.W.Roller & Associates takes away that disadvantage. F.W.Roller & Associates have a high level of expertise in the products and services they provide. When issues arise, they respond with the level of urgency the issue requires, and display their professionalism and dedication in staying with it until the issue is resolved. From testing, through implementation and beyond, F.W.Roller & Associates provide courteous, responsive and knowledgeable support and training. As a Systems Administrator the biggest service they have provided me is peace of mind.

Leo King
System Administrator
Philadelphia Stock Exchange